Featured Banjos

Banjo 259 (Aurora)


Aurora is an amazing banjo in tone, good looks, and playability. A 13 inch pot fully loaded with most all of our innovative options, you will find them below. Aurora is an oak banjo that has a classic woody tone, coming from an ancient oak tree that died of old age in our forest, perhaps 30-40 years ago—curing perfectly!

Banjo 261 (Ella)


Ella is a 10 inch soprano with an abundance of “class.” She is fully equipped with many of the same amazing options as our larger banjos, a gorgeous cocobolo fretboard, scalloped and radiused, a beautiful skin, scoop, “chambertone” tone ring. She is a beauty from every angle.

Doc’s Cathedral Bridge™


Guaranteed to improve the tone of your banjo! Our bridges are custom and handmade one at a time.

Shaping Sounds


Craig Evans Video

Special thanks to Craig Evans for sharing this segment from his excellent "Conversations with North American Banjo Builders" series.

Darren Jahn CD


This album showcases the eleven compositions Darren Jahn discovered and the instruments that inspired them. Click here to learn more.