Featured Banjos

Banjo 235 (Jewel)


Jewel is our introduction to a banjo category we call the “The Oregon Banjo.” The Oregon Banjo features woods of Oregon that we have either harvested on our property or selected from some old logger friends that also cherish fine woods. The featured wood in Jewel is Yew, a conifer that has very fine grain with a density equalling many hardwoods. It grows very slowly; at one point on this neck, we count 75-80 years of growth!

Banjo 232 (Octavius)


14 inch archtop Cello Banjo...deluxe! “Octavius.” Our daughter Natalia, (age 10) names the banjos. We have been enamored by the cello banjo, it just seems like they have such a broad range of tonal emotion. This one is no exception. Pluck a string on this banjo with a “feather-light” brush of the nail...the quality of sound is amazing. This banjo is a front-porch player, light and sweet or bring it to the jam, you will be amazed!

Doc’s Cathedral Bridge™


Guaranteed to improve the tone of your banjo! Our bridges are custom and handmade one at a time.

Shaping Sounds


Craig Evans Video

Special thanks to Craig Evans for sharing this segment from his excellent "Conversations with North American Banjo Builders" series.

Darren Jahn CD


This album showcases the eleven compositions Darren Jahn discovered and the instruments that inspired them. Click here to learn more.